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Bookbinding in Pictures
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"I have studied the first 55 pages carefully. I have no hesitation in saying that it is the best,
clearest, and most well-written account for people of my background that I have yet come across – and that by a long, long way. Writing explanations of such intricate activities is not easy
and your book is a masterpiece of lucid writing."
Edward Fiddy, Oxford

Angela Sutton's Bookbinding in Pictures offers a comprehensive introduction to the absorbing craft
of bookbinding. It provides all necessary instruction for beginners, describing the tools, equipment and materials needed and how to work with them. It is intended for people working on their own who
will be able to achieve the goal of rebinding a favourite book and thereby gain confidence to progress to further studies.

Click here or scroll down for sample pages

The photographs are carefully matched to the written instructions. Text and photographs appear side by side on screen and each page can be printed separately or as part of a unit.

This ancient and wonderful craft is in danger of disappearing through lack of local classes and the opportunity to learn. Angela Sutton has put together a set of basic instructions for complete beginners, with the emphasis on how to use the tools, equipment and materials.

"I have enjoyed the case binding section
which is very thorough, comprehensive
and the photos are really good ...
I was intrigued by your triple method
of handling single sheets
which is quick and easy to do
June McNicol, Australia

Angela Sutton's Boobkinding in pictures

Bookbinding in Pictures - cover

"In clarity of instruction and format,
this is the best beginners’ book
to come out in years."
Sandy Cohen, US Guild of Bookworkers


The book is priced at £32 and the CD at £21 (or both for £43), which includes postage and packing for the UK. Postage to Europe and the Rest of the World will incur further costs. Please select the correct option on the PayPal button below. If you have already bought the CD, and would like a copy of the book at a reduced price, please contact Angela directly.

Prices incl P&P


"A pretty comprehensive working guide ...
with the great attraction of numerous
clear photographs of all the stages
of work discussed"

Barry McKay, Society of Bookbinders

"Your MARVELLOUS book has arrived. I am a visual learner and this is just what I needed.
I have done a wee beginners' course at an adult community class which had a good teacher
but I suffer from anxiety and found the environment turned my brain to clag.
The book fills in the bits I found hard to assimilate."
Melanie Anne Todd, New Zealand

Peter Bryenton attended Angela Sutton’s course at Malvern and has applied his photographic expertise to complement Angela’s technical skill. Text and photographs combine to make a practical detailed guide which will give the beginner a solid foundation in the craft.

Click the image below for sample pages (8-page PDF)

Click for a PDF of sample pages from Bookbinding in Pictures

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Prices incl P&P



The techniques and methods of bookbinding are ancient and need time to acquire. Courses with knowledgeable tutors are now ever fewer in number, and yet many of the standard manuals assume that a tutor is readily available to help. I have taught bookbinding for many years now and I have a good idea of the processes that beginners need to know, such as how to sit while sewing and how to hold a sheet of pasted paper. I have produced an instruction manual, Bookbinding in Pictures, which is aimed at giving the complete beginner a grounding in the techniques of bookbinding.

The manual includes all the processes described on the techniques page, and a great many more, enabling the student working alone to produce bound books in both cloth and leather. These are the foundations on which further knowledge of the craft can be developed.

Step by step instructions are fully illustrated with diagrams as appropriate, and numbered photographs down the right hand side of the page which are keyed into the corresponding text. They are available as a book, or a CD if you prefer to read them on your computer. Individual pages can be printed out on your own home printer if you find this more convenient. Click on the image of the page to download a PDF of this and other sample pages.

I'd be delighted to hear your comments about this or any other aspect of this project. Please get in touch with me via the contact page.

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